G800 story teller machine toy which can tell a story to children

Guangzhou, China
March 25, 2015 1:58am CST
Educational toys story teller machine 1. Story machine can do for young children are A) learn children stories (including 1001 children's stories) B) learn nursery rhymes C) learn Chinese classical culture D) learn Chinese letters, including initial of spelling jingle, final of spelling tune, 23 initials of spelling, 24 finial of spelling, nursery rhymes of tune E) learn English letters 2. Story machine functions A) Set up time, date and alarm clock B) Order play C) Remote control D) Adjust volume E) with memory chip 3. Story machine are included A) A Remote controller B) A Specification C) A Story catalogue D) A warranty card E) A certificate of quality 4. Story machine Feature A) Used for ages 0~8. B) Good safety performance: Round shape, no edges and corners; Use environmental material C) long lifetme: ABS material, wear well D) The volume is controlled under 60 decibel, compliance to national standard www.51zoke.com 951998400@qq.com
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