Beijing International Cycle Expo 2015 and Cycling Festival Promotion Startup -Enterprise Visit in Kunshan

Beijing, China
March 30, 2015 4:47am CST
After enterprise visits in Shenzhen and Shanghai, Beijing International Cycle Expo 2015 and Cycling Festival have been well received. After the press release, more enterprises have shown concern and decided to participate. The Organizing Committee made persistent efforts and came to another giant cluster of the bicycle industry-Kunshan, starting its third round of enterprise visits and investment attraction. SRAM(KUNSHAN) Bicycle Components Co., Ltd. - Developing innovative products and creating value for customers Possessing the 6 brands of SRAM, ROCKSHOX, Avid, Truvativ, ZIPP, Quarq, the well-known American bicycle components brand SRAM centers on vibration system, transmission system and braking systems. Characterized by simple and elegant styles, its products are will-received throughout the world. With the prosperous development of China’s mid-end and high-end bicycle consumer market, SRAM and its brand products are becoming increasingly popular. In order to serve bicycle shops and consumers better, SRAM launched “DSD Bicycle Shops Service”. After discussing the development trend of the sports bicycle industry in China with the Organizing Committee, the principal praised Beijing International Cycle Expo held in Yanqing – a paradise for cycling in the North,and reached a consensus that the future cycle expo must be experiential and interactive. The two parties exchanged in-depth views on the cooperation between Sram technical training, new products releasing and Beijing Cycle Expo. Orbea (Kunshan) –Bring about relaxing and comfortable cycling experience to cyclists in terms of excellent performance and quality As one of the leading sports bicycle brands in the world, Orbea has won great trust and favor among Chinese cyclists since it entered into the Chinese market owing to its high quality and excellent performance, developing into the leading force to enhance the quality of life. By setting up a factory in Kunshan, it provides better service to the domestic market and greatly shortens the production and delivery period, and makes its sales network more extensive and flexible, meeting the needs of personalized customization and promotes its key after-sales service. Orbea supports many bicycle teams of which the most influential one is the professional Tour de France team Euskaltel Euskadi. After communicating with the principal, the Organizing Committee learnt that Orbea would build two teams in 2015, an amateur one and a professional one, to compete in all the cycling contests in China. The Organizing Committee visited the factory and had a better understanding of the frame coating technique and the bicycle art graffiti show which would be held in 2015. Orbea was satisfied with the fruitful results of the previous exhibition and spoke highly of the excellent work and service of the Beijing International Cycle Expo and Cycling Festival Organizing Committee. Jiuyu Transport Equipment (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. - integrity, win-win Established in 1971, namely over 40 years ago, Jiuyu Transport Equipment (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. has been engaged in manufacturing hubs. In order to meet the needs of customers it began to promote rims in 2006 and to expand its overseas business it established American service center and European service center in 2009. This company specializes in bicycle components like hubs and freewheels and its main brand is NOVATEC. This enterprise has paid close attention to the development of domestic bicycle industry and the principal affirmed and showed great interest in Beijing International Cycle Expo based in Beijing, highlighting the cycle culture and involving almost all the people. Wellgo Cycle Accessories (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. - service oriented, leading products Established in 1980, Wellgo mainly produces bicycle pedals and has won favor among its consumers in terms of quality and price. In2000, Wellgo Cycle Accessories (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. was established and was regarded as the important base to expand its business to the mainland and a significant step to enter into the global market. In 2003, in order to serve professional cycling enthusiasts, Wellgo established XPEDO whose mission was to study and develop top pedals. Focusing on advanced technology, material and design, XPEDO kept pace with worldwide famous brands within few years. VELO CYCLE (KUNSHAN)CO.,LTD -Devoted to creating better and healthier life styles for cycling enthusiasts. As one of the world’s largest bicycle saddle manufacturers Velo was established in 1979 in Taiwan by a persistent woman - StellaYu. It developed perfect saddles to meet different cycling demands by researches. Devoted to creating better and healthier life styles for all cycling enthusiasts, Velo persists in developing products that meet the needs of every cyclist, maintaining comfort while fully serving the purpose. So far, Velo has owed over 60 world patent technologies, satisfying the demands of different consumer markets by innovative and professional products.——Major media of Beijing International Cycle Expo During this trip to Kunshan, Beijing International Cycle Expo and Cycling Festival Organizing Committee also visited one of its major media BikeCEO. The Organizing Committee described the big picture of Beijing International Cycle Expo 2015 including the position of the expo, the exhibitors’ status, the trade visitors and the innovative and characteristic cultural activities. After hearing it, BikeCEO spoke highly of the idea to make Beijing International Cycle Expo 2015 and Cycling Festival the largest Cycling Festival and expo based in Beijing and showed great interest to the innovative special events which would merge the entire industry chain. Meanwhile, BikeCEO expressed its congratulations to Beijing International Cycle Expo on its achievements which included the fruitful results of the investment attraction that would enable the expo to add Hall C1 and Hall C4 in spite of the present exhibition halls, Hall A and Hall B. BikeCEO was surprised by the rapid development of Beijing International Cycle Expo but when it saw the Organizing Committee making arrangements at work in an orderly way BikeCEO knew it was reasonable. BikeCEO gave precious suggestions to Beijing International Cycle Expo in the view of professional media and would deepen mutual cooperation and promote mutual development in 2015.
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