Force Fields: Coming To A Car Near You

United States Minor Outlying Islands
April 2, 2015 2:35am CST
The world is full of bad drivers. From impatient drivers who cut you off to absent-minded ones who don’t see your brake lights, every time you set out on the open road you’re taking a risk. That’s why a new patent just filed by Boeing (the plane manufacturer) has got some people’s attention. Their patent: force fields. That’s right, it may not be just science fiction for much longer. The science is way over the average person’s head but to put it simply, their patented technology can detect a shock (such as one from a nearby explosion) and counter it with a series of pulses which cancels it out. Of course Boeing is looking into military applications for this technology but perhaps someday the same technology can help cars escape bad drivers unscathed. Auto news brought to you by Source:
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