Raw diet - raw food to lose weight

Karachi, Pakistan
April 2, 2015 6:58am CST
Raw vegetables, raw vegetables and all edible raw bit further and vegan justified. That is the content of the raw diet. By not prepare food (cooking, baking, steaming, microwave, etc.) remain - according to the supporters - all enzymes and vitamins in the diet intact. The raw diet is not only created to fall off, the philosophy behind the raw diet is that your inner connection with nature recovers through eating raw food. The content of the raw diet The raw diet dictates that all your food raw or dried consumes. The maximum temperature that food must be prepared to 40 ° C. In addition, the raw diet is completely vegan. There are no meat, fish, dairy, honey or other animal products involved. The raw diet consists mainly of fruits, nuts, grains, beans, vegetables and seaweed.Its Possible Raw craze As many of these questionable diets is also the raw diet blew over from America. In big cities like New York you can find a variety of restaurants which prepare and serve only raw foods. The shop sells online www.sunfood.com every conceivable raw products that fit into the raw diet. Also to be found there are several forums on the Internet. On these forums raw fanatics exchange all kinds of raw recipes and help each other through difficult times. And the risk of difficulties is great, because much stricter diets do not you think. Raw rules The heating of food destroys according to the supporters of the raw diet the important nutrients such as enzymes and vitamins. Food to eat raw, these nutrients are intact into the body. Although the body also produces enzymes, an extra portion cannot hurt, according to the raw supporters. For the majority of the fans is the raw diet is more than just a diet. It is a way to restore the inner connection with nature. The heating of food, says the movement is unnatural and additionally come with free toxins. Benefits raw diet Raw diet does have a number of advantages. The main benefits are weight loss, lower risk of cardiovascular disease and better skin. Also, raw food better digested by the human body. According forum visitors can also have less problems with depression and mood swings and more energy throughout the day. In addition, to prepare the meals of course very fast. Disadvantages raw diet Disadvantages of raw foods are also there. For example, the aforementioned health benefits not proven according to the Nutrition Center. On unheated vegetables can easily grow bacteria. This can intestinal problems and may even lead to miscarriages. While raw diet can suffer from various ailments. Examples include dental erosion, underweight, and the absence of menstruation and growth disorders in children. In addition, the gaps can cause, inter alia, saturated fats, proteins, calcium, cholesterol, vitamin B12, phosphorus, and iron salt. Who is the raw diet (not) appropriate? The raw diet is not for everyone and it is for many people to keep very difficult to sustain. Children, pregnant women and people with osteoporosis or anemia may be better not to start. Also do you good not too keen to begin the diet. Do not go directly to 100 percent raw food over. Your body has to get used to the lack of food that you previously did take to you.
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Will it has a negative impact on the stomach? Thank you By the way,I have a dream, I want to be a Chinese language teacher! Never give up my dreams! Please support me ,my friend!