Moradabad, India
April 18, 2015 8:59am CST
Some say that begging has become a hobby today. Only they are beggars who do not want to work hard or who believe in illegitimate earning. For some persons it may be a compulsion who have lost some body parts or crippled. All the five fingers are not equally sized. I have watched in a programme shown by a news channel that some moneyed man are also fond of begging.In olden days it was a proverb that beggars can not be choosers but now the beggars ask for at least ten rupees otherwise abuse the donors. One more important thing that I have seen that the beggars sit to beg mostly in front of the religious places.They are tall and stout but beg specially near the holy rivers at some important Hindu festival.Sometimes it has been observed that they become rich by begging even after that they keep begging. Can we do something for the eradication of this bad custom of bègging leaving some handicapped or disabled persons?
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