Moradabad, India
April 19, 2015 3:58am CST
Why do the students run from the school or from the studies.So far as I can think this problem starts from the home. When the guardians send their children to the school they do not prepare them mentally.We should tell them that school is a place where children get a play field , toys and other children to play. The second thing is the weight of the satchel. I think that the weight of satchel is so much that the back pain starts in the tender bodies of the children.When the children go to the school , the children feel home sick. Therefore the guardians should stay with the children for sometime. The third thing is the behaviour of the teachers should be soft.They should not be given a lot of home-work, they should not be punished strictly if the home-work is not complete. The children should not be sent to schools before they are three years old.
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