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Cleveland, Ohio
April 24, 2015 12:50am CST
Ever since Minecraft started breaking popularity records every day, competition became intense hosting it. It is not just a game but craziness unfolded beyond expectations. We are in business of making Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting easier for you. Most of the people would find hosting server difficult due to need for 24X7 maintenance and other features which are hard to take care of. We ourselves found meeting customer expectations difficult before our server became operational in 2011. Most of the companies felt hard to deliver what they had promised regarding hosting Minecraft. We started hosting it from Feb 2012 in order to deliver what we promise. State of the art technical support that we deliver to our clients is awesome and gets to the root of the problem in no time. This lets us solve the troubleshooting in a matter of few hours. This makes us feel confident of delivering right quality without wasting any time. We at provide excellent service at a reasonable price as per your requirements. As compared to others we not only provide better pricing but also better user experience. Increasing competitors doesn’t make us panic but make us work even more determined to serve our existing clients. Following this concept, we have grown to such a level which is prevalent today. Don’t spend your valuable time by trusting others and then coming to us. Just believe customer reviews on internet and understand why we are able to serve them that well? Answer is simple, we care for our customers. By putting best technology in server hosting, better tech support, better uploading speed, and no hidden charges, have made us cement our place in market of Minecraft hosting. We are not the ones who would lure you by offering cheap hosting. We do only charge most appropriate fees on excellent services at our end, which you cannot find anywhere else. We are a one stop solution for Minecraft hosting. We are leaders of our business and champions of Minecraft technology. Nobody knows hosting it better than us. Most importantly we charge you as per your needs. Set up is instant after we receive the payment. You don’t have to wait for lengthy procedural formalities. We would take you at playing mode right away after the payment. We allow you to upload any jar file of your wish. We don’t impose forcefully our subscription plans on customers. Rather we upgrade or downgrade their plans as per their wish. As soon as server is ordered by our customers we make their IP available to them. Most of our business comes from recommendation from older clients. That is why we don’t invest much in marketing. Without sounding boastful, we gladly request our to-be customers to try us for once. Our service and expertise won’t disappoint you, never. Relationships matter to us more than ethics. We strive for building relationships stronger and stronger. Welcome to Minecraft Hosting, game is on. Visit On :-
An eminent part of most of our leisure time is occupied by video games. Minecraft is one such popular game that attracts many. BisectHosting set up their own Minecraft Server in February 2011 and inst...
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