Something about what I do with early home education

Hubei, China
April 28, 2015 3:58am CST
My baby is almost three months.I have already begun the early home education.The following is something about what I do for now.If you have good methods,donnot hesitata to tell me.Thanks! 1,Read traditional YiJing,The Analects of Confucius,The Book of Songs,etc.I read three different books every day.It takes about half an hour.Reading good books can develop her launage ability,so she will speak early and read easily. 2,tell story.Every day I tell two stories ,laying her on the bed.These stories I choose are about love,courage,helping people and so on. 3,tell English story.I also read two English stories every day.I hope English will be a piece of cake for her when she start learning it .Most importantly,she can speak it fluently. 4,teach her seven colours.I bought many ballons with various color.Red,orange,yellow,green,pink,blue,and purple.Every day I point one ballon and talk to her:Look,this is a red ballon.This is a yellow ballon,ect. 5,Listen to classical music.When I play with her,I turn on the walkman and play music. When she is one year old,I will teach her reading.Good luck for me and for her. I donnot care about how sussesful she is when she grow up, I only wish that it is easy for her to make a living.
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