Here's all about linkin park...Biography, tour dates, band members..??

linkin park - very old photograph of the band
Hong Kong
November 23, 2006 1:15pm CST
Biography of LINKIN PARK'' *************************************************************Linkin Park is a truly unique band. They are not just Rock, Rap, or Electronica band. They comprimise of a veritable mixture of different styles and stylists in music, This makes them a hybrid in the type of music they play and their fan-base too. We are true lovers of Linkin Park Linkin Park's origin began in 1996 when rapper guitarist Brad Delson and the infamouis Mike Shinoda started a band called Xero. Other members of the band were Mark Wakefield the vocalist, Joseph Hahn the DJ, Rob Bourdon the drummer, and "Phoenix" Farrell the bassist. Xero made a four track demo tape including: Fuse, Stick N' Move, Rhinestone, and Reading My Eyes. When Mark Wakefield left the band, they changed their name to Hybrid Theory. Later "Phoenix" chose to leave the band to tour with another band, called"The Snax". The rest of the gang continued to play together primarily for fun. They later, signed with Zomba Music an occasion that came about when they played at The Whiskey Club in Los Angeles. The final addition to the band came in the form of Chester Bennington. Magical Chester, in our humble opinion, was absolutely the missing catalyst. His extra-ordinary voice lets him deliver the lyrics at a gentle yet aggressive pace. He can hit pitch notes like no other. Chester humbly even blames this on "years of singing" and "scar tissue". We absolutely love him. His arrival completed the Band. Thus in 1999 Carousel, And One, Technique
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