Business Systems Analyst is a Need of Hour for Every Business House

May 12, 2015 6:29am CST
The BSA’s or the Business System Analysts are the guys who study the business requirements and fulfill the need and requirements of the IT department. They are the representatives of the technical architects. Internet and information technology has completely changed the way business was done in the past. Now a day’s businesses are expanding round the globe and one has to check and balance all the policies of the business to maintain the flow of profit. Information technology acts a bridge between business and human and it provides distinct software and programs to check and balance the loopholes in the business model to maintain the profit. Need of a BSA BSA’s are needed to communicate the problems and need of the technical guys to the business people like the managers and stakeholders. The technical architects who create a software or app are the creative people. If a BSA is not there to analyze and design their work plus get them what they need, the IT industry cannot function properly. There will be problems and chaos. In this scenario one kind of people, mostly the business kind will dominate the technical ones, resulting into lesser creativity and productivity. Requirements The BSA is not a programmer although he can have programming knowledge. He is neither a software tester although he can know how to do it. He is a guy who has knowledge of both the worlds. The business as well as the technical. So that he can be a bridge among the two worlds. Business systems analyst should have technical degree, knowledge of business models and experience in working with any corporate house or in any business. Business analyst must be problem solver and must have good soft skills. Core responsibilities of a BSA The BSA is suppose to be doing the following things – • Working closely with the clients to identify the business needs and the costs and benefits of implementing a computing solution. • Construct definitions for the IT people based on the identified needs. • Work with the IT experts designing models, doing data modification. • Work on the financial matters and the budget of a project by working together with the financers and stakeholders. • Negotiate with the clients. • Business systems analysis helps in future strategy planning. • Business systems analysis helps in remodeling of the business model for the future implementations. • Business system analysis helps in finding the loopholes in the business model. • Business systems analysis helps in the interpretation of the business rules. • It also helps the business in the process design. In the 21st century the work of a BSA might vary according to the size and complexity of an organization. The BSA has to don many caps if the organization is small. And handle a particular set of duties if the organization is big. So, the BSA is preferred to be multitasking. These days it is mandatory to have business systems analyst to keep you in the competition with others in the market. They will analyze their business for you and it will help you in the strategy planning to counter them. Source:
The BSA’s or the Business System Analysts are the guys who study the business requirements and fulfill the need and requirements of the IT department.…
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