Things cause biomass sawdust steam boiler pipe leakage

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May 14, 2015 2:15am CST
Biomass sawdust steam boiler pipe leakage will lead to water lower than normal water level and combustion cannot be maintained, which influence safety running. finding the reasons of biomass sawdust steam boiler pipe leakage is necessary to avoid leakage happen. Oxygen corrosion For the biomass sawdust steam boiler pressure parts,the water side is mainly electrochemical corrosion,the fire side (or flue gas side) is mainly chemical corrosion.The oxygen corrosion belongs to electrochemical corrosion, it is mainly caused by the dissolved oxygen in water.At room temperature,the dissolved oxygen concentration is about 9.1mg / L,according to the GB1576-2001 “industrial boiler water quality” requirement ,the rated steam pressure should not be more than 1.0MPa,the dissolved oxygen concentration should not be more than 0.1mg / L,otherwise,it is likely to lead to metal corrosion. Chlorine Corrosion The chlorine ion exchange will cause high rate of metal corrosion,which is due to that the chloride ion radius is small,and it is typically activated anion,it is more active when the oxygen exists.With the operation of the boiler,if the boiler water salinity increases,the concentration of chloride ions rise constantly,there will be more deposits at the bottom of the boiler,in smoke pipe and the water cycle weak areas. More information about Biomass sawdust steam boiler: Provide by: Merry Li; Email:
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