Business Analyst Too Needs Resources or You Can Say Weapons of Business Analyst

May 14, 2015 2:49am CST
The Resources of a BA In the course of work of a Business Analyst, various resources come handy. These resources can be some books, articles, web tools and many more. Without these resources a BA is considered to be incomplete and not upto the mark. Availability of internet has handful information to everyone, everywhere anytime. BA is a Detective A BA is just like a Detective. Just like a detective, before approaching any project or assignment or problem, keep your head clear of other facts and theories and assumptions. Because if the head of a BA is already filled with information, then it is unable to spot and process new and valid information. Active Listening A BA has to be a very active listener. Not just a good listener but a BA should be able to process the information that has been taken in. Patience Patience is the most important tool of a BA. Because if patience is lost no good and active communication can take place. And no logical solutions appear in the mind. So, no matter whatever the situation, always maintain your cool. Some handy tools for a BA The below are some of the resources that come as an handy tool for any BA Some useful books – UML for IT Business Analyst Business Analysts E-Book Managers Book on Software Development Writing good Usecases Skills required for business analysts: - One must have analytical thinking and problem solving capabilities. To be business analyst one must have experience in working with corporate houses. One must act as mediator or negotiator. One must have leadership quality and must have influence. One must have knowledge about business model. One must have technical skills. Last but not least one must soft skills to express their fresh ideas. Steps to become business analyst: - First determine you wish to become business analyst. Complete your studies at least till graduation level, try to have degree in technical field like computer science, information technology and programmers and developers are also eligible. Identify your current capabilities. Analyze your skills and knowledge. Gain experience working with corporate houses. Work experience is must for the one wants to become a business analyst because working with corporate houses you will understand the way they function. At last prepare for your interview and have a great career ahead. Modern Analyst Modern Analyst is a web portal for the convenience of BA’s. This portal lists all the e-books on business analysis, web links and web tools. It also lists articles and blogs on business analysis. Plus news feedback from the market, which is very important for any BA. It’s like an online community of BA’s all over the world. They come in together and share their expertise to help their fellows.
The Resources of a BA In the course of work of a Business Analyst, various resources come handy. These resources can be some books, articles, web tools…
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