Are You Planning to Bet on Cricket? Follow 7 Simple tips that can Reduce your lose Up to 80 %.

Jamshedpur, India
May 16, 2015 3:01am CST
Cricket is known as a gentleman’s game. As a gambler this is the game where you can win Millions in a second as well as you can lose all your money in a single ball. Because today’s time Cricket Fans and Gambler like T20 more than test cricket. As we know T20 Format is fastest format of cricket, here a single over can change entire match. Betting on cricket banned in India and Pakistan so if you are from betting banned countries don’t follow us and our tips because you can’t bet legally in these countries so why you wasting your time. Let’s start some follow able Cricket betting tips free . Cricket is great game for betting if you follow some tips otherwise risk is always yours, always think these before bet. 1. Never bet on toss. If you betting on cricket match toss, you lose your 50% chance of winning before result. So always keep this point in your mind. 2. Always avoid bet on high rate team do opposite can result better. Example- in a IPL match CSK is 2.50- 2.52 and opposition is .47-.49 don’t bet on CSK bet on Opposition it gave you better chance to set your book plus both side. 3. Don’t bet when your mood is upset because cricket betting needs concentration. 4. Australia, India, South Africa much better teams in ICC tournaments. They give their better in ICC events than other tournaments like Trophy, Series. 5. New Zealand, Pakistan and Bangladesh these team can lose a winning match so be alert when you betting on these team. 6. If a team’s betting rate doesn’t go down when they stop running and taking wicket, change your book immediately bookies plan different for punters. 7. Always be in your risk limit don’t cross it when you think this team surely win match… this is cricket buddy. That’s some simple tips for cricket gamblers. Some great articles are waiting for you on cricket betting tips.
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• Delhi, India
18 May 15
Betting on cricket is legally banned in India and it is seen that you are discussing about Indian Primer League and Indian team's performance in ICC tournaments. I wounder if mylot is an appropriate platform for discussing betting tips on any sport.