Why the Africans are black?

September 6, 2006 1:58am CST
People in Africa are almost black...why?
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@ericmg (93)
• Australia
15 Sep 06
a long time ago a friend I knew in college from China explained it very well he said" when God made man the first time He (He was just learning how to make us) so made a few mistakes of us whities He took out of the oven too soon and the black person he left in a bit too long Well by that time He had got all correct and out came a light golden figure and He said perfect. and you are all from the same mix just look at bit different" have a good day PS have you ever noticed children really dont see colour as most adults do if we were all children again the world would be a much happier place to live in... Most adults when discribing a person in a group of people is that one is of a different colour or race that person is said to be .....what ever well listen to the childeren of the world they want to be friends with all I remember in a football match at school my son came up to me and said did you see that kid just trip me no which one was he... he was the only non white so to speak on the field then Z then said the one in the purple shirt............ All the other team was in purple........
@ebukas (135)
• Nigeria
13 Sep 06
Everybody in africa is not black, but in any colour you find yourself you dont have to question it cos its God"s wish and thats why you look like that, so black or white its God wish
• United States
7 Sep 06
Because their body has adapted to the danger of extreme sun by producing more of the pigment "melanine", which protects skin against burning. In contrast, people in countries that have very little sunlight produce a lot less melanine, and are very fair-skinned, for example Sweden.
@swonki (387)
• India
7 Sep 06
May be their forefathers were black! i didnt see them. may be thats the reason.
@krishna183 (2286)
• India
7 Sep 06
because the earth is round .. they lie on the equator .. exposing them to maximum sun .. thereby burning them off .. thats why they are black
@1summer (275)
• United States
6 Sep 06
Its called pigmentation, some black, some white, some brown, btw not all people in Africa are black.