The Beautiful Sibenik in Croatia

Split, Croatia (Hrvatska)
May 25, 2015 5:17am CST
Intro Sibenik stands in central Dalmatia, at the point where the river Krka flows into the beautiful Adriatic. While the river flows ever onwards through time to fill the bluest sea, in some ways Sibenik seems to stand still - its beautiful historic buildings giving an amazing sense that time is not passing. It is almost easy to feel as though you are in the Middle Ages, especially when Sibenik is in party mode, and the streets of the old town erupt in a joyous festival of Mediaeval-style celebration and fill with entertainment, music, laughter and artistry. Places to visit If you are interested in history and culture then Sibenik is the place to come! The St. James Cathedral stands as a beautiful testament to the skill and artistry of generations long gone, and all around you can see the work of skillful hands. From ecclesiastical architecture, to the four fortresses, to all the city's traditional Dalmatian accommodation, Sibenik is a place of history and solidity and beauty. St. Nicholas' Fortress seems to guard the ancient harbour against encroaching modernity, letting through only that which is right and good and keeping out that which is not true to the spirit of the city. History of Sibenik In Sibenik, history is a living, breathing thing. It is something that is claimed, owned and kept alive by yearly festivals and by skilled craftsmen who learn the skills of their forefathers and keep the historic buildings in good repair. History is not something dry and dusty. Traditions form and evolve and this vibrant, exciting city. Sibenik has over half a century of festivals to look back on - there are many different ones throughout the year, from Mediaeval fairs to modern rock concerts. If you want to understand what it is to be Croatian today, and what historical tradition means for those who live in this beautiful country, come to Sibenik. Accommodation & local cuisine In Sibenik, accommodation, food, drink and entertainment combine with beautiful surroundings to give the perfect holiday experience. You can immerse yourself in the history and culture, or in the clear blue waters of the Adriatic. When you have seen the city's rich wealth of heritage, travel just a few kilometers inland and you will reach an area of natural heritage beyond compare. The Krka National Park is one of three national parks in Croatia. It has many outstanding scenic spots and many nature trails on which to walk. As well as stunning waterfalls and other natural wonders, within the park you will also find castle and monastic ruins that give yet more insight into the past of this fascinating area. Cruising around Take a boat ride down the Krka river or around the Dalmatian coast and get a different angle on this part of the country. Understand how ancient travel routes crisscrossed this lush, green landscape. Perhaps you may wish to explore some of the many islands that lie offshore and discover some quiet and blissful corner to relax in. As the sun shines down on you, imagine the many people who have come before and how they lived. In Sibenik, it is easy to get in touch with the past. Information source:
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