+MD -Seamless Specialist,Special For Women

Zhejiang, China
May 26, 2015 12:20am CST
+MD for Her are rapidly expanding and we are developing many new and exciting products for women all ttheir life.We have 12 series for below. 1, Fit compression ( light compression, medium compression, High compression, super firm compression ) 2, Thermo & Cool Thermo warm heat tek Cool freeze feel 3, Fashion Lace, special print, designer item. 4, Custom make Custom order in print, name drop, special design. 5, Wedding gown Made special for wedding purpose 6, For Him Man body shaper 7, Aromatherapy Capsule essential aroma oil technology enhances the best effect of essential oil 8, Maternity Pre and post natal body wear 9, Bra Shaper 2 as 1, combine bra and shaper together 10, compression Massage Given different message effect 11, Classic Traditional 12, Celebrity Special make for Celebrity Welcome for inquiry.thanks. Sunny Zhu Sunny.Z@waltknit.com
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