Boutique Investment Banking firms are gaining popularity in India

Jaipur, India
June 16, 2015 5:15am CST
In the last few years, Investment Banking industry in India has witnessed a significant increase in the number of boutique investment banks, set up by the industry veterans who have made the shift from large global banks or financial institutions. One of the major reasons for the rise of boutique banks is the growing number of small and mid-sized deals in India in the recent years. Most of them handle $10 - $25 million range, helping in fund-raising, debt, private equity and venture capital investments. Big Investment Bank have huge infrastructure set up, deal financing facility, foreign currency trading desk etc. to facilitate an entire transaction. They have a fee benchmark and expect to make atleast $2 - $3 million in a deal, which the small and mid-sized companies can’t afford. Also, paying such a fee for even a small deal is not worth it. This leaves a huge opportunity to serve the middle and bottom pyramid of the industry. Moreover, Investment Banking is a relationship based industry that makes it highly people dependent. So, for a professional, who had worked with a prominent investment bank, learnt the art of closing investment banking deals and had developed a wide network to sustain a new firm, floating a boutique investment bank is an easy decision. While investment banks have been around for long, it is only now that the industry is maturing. Several Indian firms are raising funds, looking for acquisitions, and the investment banking professionals want a share of the growing pie. However, the result is cutthroat completion as for any good deal; many investment bankers are always in the line making a pitch. As the Investment banking industry is fragmented, therefore the good deal can be anywhere, so a professional should make sure that he is in the loop. As business deals volumes are not encouraging, it is very difficult for finance professionals to remain competitive enough to find the right deal, faster than competition and act upon it. However, now they can use specialized deals platforms like IBSquare to source deals. For starters, IBsquare is a web based solution that enables Investment banking community to source or match deals from anyone, anywhere and anytime. It has become India’s largest online investment banking deals marketplace where various Investment Banking professionals including business owners, can post deals on fund raising, Joint Venture, mergers & acquisitions, & investments. Key Features 1. Network of large number of Investment banking professionals. 2. Browse investment banking deals from desktop or mobile. 3. Owners, Investors and Investment bankers can post their deals free of cost. 4. Directly Contact the user who posted the deal. 5. Confidentially send, receive, and respond to messages from other users. 6. IBsquare does not charge any fee for closing the deals. So, Next time you need to source business deal, logon to Whether in the train, flight, meeting, or conference etc, start sourcing and closing deals online with! Investment Banking India
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