Hand-Crafted Neapolitan Brick Ovens

Beltsville, Maryland
June 17, 2015 7:56am CST
Approach the clean lines of the Wood Burning Brick Oven and appreciate its attention to detail, its dedication to the Neapolitan tradition, the excellence of Italian Campagna-region refractory materials, the proud name scribed near the mouth of the oven, and the three-generations of oven-making mastery behind the name; Marra Forni. Come closer to see the pride of craftsmanship in the exterior tiles, carefully chosen in five availablestandard colors (red, white, brown, blue, and black) with variant hues within each. Custom tile is available on demand. Look closer to see matching, or contrasting grout colors of white, black, charcoal, green, or red. The oven mouth surround is steel; gleaming, or dense black. It frames the opening landing of up to a full foot of height and nearly two feet of width, ready for the peel to introduce your taste’s delight into the intense wood-fired fire enclosure of your residential pizza oven, then out for decadent superiority of flavor. Closer, still, and you begin to feel the radiating heat, and see the hardwood fire; its broiling embers igniting your anticipation of a truly gourmet experience. Inside (depending on your choice of a 90cm (35”), 110cm (46”), 140cm (55”), or 150cm (59”) cooking surface oven), are non-cracking bricks from Italy’s Campagna region, near Naples. They are designed to flex and contract with the heating and cooling of the oven. They are the core of a Neapolitan oven worthy of your best efforts, rated to sustain over 3,600ºF, although you seldom need more than 1,000º to prepare a pizzaioli master’s fare. Ordinary bricks will crack under these intense temperatures. The inner clay clad, the brick interior, and the tile exterior are fully a foot thick to retain the broiling heat where it belongs. Even the smallest 90cm interior cooking surface can produce up to five 8” pizzas; up to two 16” pizzas, plus the fire. Or, upgrade to the rotating Neapolitan oven; a slowly turning brick-faced deck so that multiple pizzas absorb an even, high heat to ensure your crust is perfect on every one. This pizza oven is simply the best investment in outdoor cooking since Raffaele Esposito created the patriotic red tomato, white mozzarella, and green basil pizza, representing the Italian flag, for Queen Margherita in 1889. To create the pizza named in her honor today, you will have the overwhelming advantage of technology married to tradition, a wood-fired superior beast contained in civilized elegance, and gracious acceptance of compliments with family pride from the Marra brothers, Francesco, Emiliano, and Enzo, to you. A residential brick oven from Marra Forni is hand-crafted excellence in every detail, with the assurance that what you cannot see is classic tradition, innovative technology, and powerful materials. Available in classic wodd-burning style, or easily converted to gas for your convenience, your choice of appearance and size to meet your needs will please every family member and dinner guest honored to taste your latest menu concoctions. The Marra Forni Neapolitan oven is old world technique with new world technology.
Neapolitan OvensOld World Technique with New World Technology We are proud to present the Marra Forni Neapolitan. This oven takes the traditional Neapolitan style that the region is known for, and combines it with the excellent finish quality of the Marra
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