Life of Single parents

Bhopal, India
June 23, 2015 11:00pm CST
In today life style most of the people want to live alone or in live-in relationship and they don’t want make their family with his/her partner, so in that type of situation they chose some other ways to become a parent like adoption of child. The death of mom and dad is one of the natural causes of single parent family because in some countries if female partner have died so there is no problem because very soon he does marriage again but if women get dowager there is some problem arises to get married again with their child, so in that type of cases single parent family makes. Instead of this separation and divorce is also a big reason of single parent family. Most of the cases of the single parent family can be seen in the United States and only at the age of 18 children live with their parent (Mom or Dad).In accordance with the United States Census Bureau, the figure of the year 2002 says that about 18-20 million children lived in a family circle with only their dad or mom. Some basic problems are very common with the single parent like need to earn money, time management problem, disturbing the social life of the child, health, and care problem of the child etc. In many cases, single parents are committed with their job and other responsibility so sometimes they do not pay proper attention of their children. They can fulfill each and every physical requirement of the child, but they failed to give him/her spiritual happiness so the behavior of child becomes peevish. Because of all this the social life of child spoiled completely and also a big part of coming generation goes out of line. Being a single parent give a complete time of your child to make them happy. Discuss some issues related to her/him age group. Advice those in problem enjoyed with your children to share your experience. Give them full freedom but in the limit
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@dpk262006 (56591)
• Delhi, India
24 Jun 15
You see if circumstances are such that one is forced to act as a single parent, then one has no option. It is always difficult to bring up a child as a single parent because mother and father have different roles as parents and it gets difficult for father or mother to play the double role.