By Piyu
Mumbai, India
June 24, 2015 12:20pm CST
Fighting for freedom from your own self, can be excruciating pain flowing out of the heart and battling every boundary set by mind(not brain). Its not totally as bad, but not flamboyant too. Life never gives a rewind and alter button... It offers chances forever, until you have learnt the lesson. That defines the growth rate of your age. Simply adding years just proves the carbon you have inhaled and deposited on bones, not the maturity, not the knowledge, and definitely not the intellect. To be smart doesn't require kits, guidelines, steps... Its a feeling that may not originate in you while you are good at it... But it surely takes you when others reminded it to you. How many times you remember telling yourself, 'you are smart'? even if you do it daily, cant recollect for what. But surely, your memory stores the celebrity feel when someone told you that phrase, not to mention why they must have said so is now clear on your mind to make you lifted from the ground. Mind always had wings, and the best visual effects. It can make you stand at the most beautiful hill, covered with snow and the view of valley with a train passing through a tunnel over the bridge into another tunnel, the trees and birds and clouds and other mountains... This,so much indicates like someone must have planned and arranged all this personally to make the whole picture look so beautiful. But what our brain cant do in this, is feel. Yes, feelings are the responsibility of heart and only flow when the beauty of mind lets its control loosened. The reason we must know the difference is to go beyond the traditional. Not that it was wrong, it was just not totally evolved. We humans evolve and from simple to complex to complicated we keep the cycle on. With the changes in lifestyles, atmospheres and mindsets, our only hope is evolution of the new ideas that help our complications to simplify for a newer complexities. Dinosaurs never dealt with the ice ages ever again. The primitives never saw light in night. The Egyptian 10ft and above people never survived the uprising. And we wont survive this increasing smarter technology one day. But we have something to learn from the older species. Evolve, before you are re-evolved.
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