Applications in App Trailers

Tel Aviv, Israel
July 4, 2015 11:01am CST
Applications in App Trailers Part of the fun of watching a movie, actually occurs before the movie starts .. I mean L"triilrim "[trailers]. It's like a "taste" of all the films that give off now and coming soon to the cinema. So, yes, there are some interesting and some less. Today, with the help of App Trailers app can watch trailers for games, new applications and new-movies and get paid for it PayPal account. The app is suitable for anyone who has a smartphone, tablet, iPad. The first step is to download the application App Trailers, or PLAY from GOOGLE APP STORE. In the second stage, define a user name, and password Aiimiil. If you want additional bonus [quarter], you must enter the bonus code of your turning [optional course]. The app is simple to use and can accumulate relatively fast profits. Watch the trailer gives between 2 and 30 points. The points can be converted into money, when all 500 credits at $ -0.5. What I liked in this application may be withdrawn starting at $ 0.5 [In addition there is also a daily scratch card every 24 hours that could win between 11 and 30 points], actually you get $ 0.5've registration. The app pays money you can also access certain you become obsessed ...
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