Chapter 1 First Part Village in mountain

Jilin, China
July 14, 2015 10:32am CST
Rash boy(this is nickname) with eye wide open,he look at the the black roof what build of thatch and the mud with the old quilt what the color of dark yellow ,itself do not look inward appearance,have subtle mouldy smell. A people in his side who his second elder brother Zhu Han ,he sleep very well and he make a degree uneven snore The wall dark yellow where The place is 2 meter away form the bed,the wall have a crack because of the wall is so old ,in this crack is coming out sound what Han s mother is complaining and Han s father is smoking whit “ba ba ba” Rash boy close his eye,he ask himself go to the bed.his heard is clear what he will not be able to get up in tomorrow if he do not fast go to bed.that is to say he can not lets to pick up firewood with his friend in the mountain. Rash boy,he name is LIHAN(a significant name in Chain). He parent are not give him this significant name. The name is his father use tow bread exchange from the the village teacher Zhang. Zhang know a little word so the village children be given name by him. LIHAN is called rash boy do not because he is rash boy.opposite he is a clever boy but he same other children always called himself nickname.he do not like this nickname because he think himself is not commonplace boy. He look at commonplace but he look forward to outside bustling word. His dream walk away from the village that the size as palm,look to Zhang speak outside word. Of course he nerve talk about this dream with other people because other children who is as old as himself never want to leave to hometown,those children are making mischief everyday. His family have seven people, two elder brother,a elder sister,and a little sister.LIHAN is ten years old , his family is very poor. They few eat meat in a year. At this moment he only want pick up some red what his little sisters favorite fruits. The next day in noon,he get back home with the firewood as haft person high. At this moment he never know a vip who change his life in his home.the vip is himself uncle,it is said he is manager in where a city pub.LIHAN family only one have status ,He is LIHAN parents that always talk this success man. Uncle tell his parents what a force gang is recruiting new member,the force gang name is SKO(Seven sky organization) he look at LIHAN is a clever boy so he give LIHAN a chance to join in this gang and if LIHAN succeed join in he will be acquire a lot money(for his parents is so more ), his parent agree the idea by consideration LIHAN have a good longing too. Uncle is happy because LIHANS parents agree the idea. He tell LIHAN he will take away LIHAN to SKO after tow months. After tow months uncle arrive to LIHANS family on time.before leaving LIHANS father ask him to you should be keep a well sleep and well eat.his mother ask him to should be keep humility and never make conflict with other people LIHAN is shedding tears when he look at a view of his parents more and more far. He never think this no meaning what money more an less when he leave the family,actually he star a magical career.
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