Learn how to play with your baby

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Delhi, India
July 18, 2015 3:48am CST
Babies develop at an amazing rate in their first year. At times, they even acquire amazing skills overnight. There are several games that parents can play with the babies. Such games will obviously encourage the babies to make the maximum out of their newly acquired skills and abilities. Besides this, they are a great fun for parents even. Some enjoyable games to play with babies 1. Copy cat is the visual game to develop the visual skill of the baby. Your baby will love to watch your funny face and it will benefit him/her in several ways. Hold the baby close when he/she is focusing on the objects that are 20-35cm from the face. When the baby gazes into your eyes, poke your tongue out. Do it for 20 seconds or so. This will make the baby stick out the tiny tongue out as well. The baby will learn how to imitate you. 2. Once the baby is bit older, you can play “This Little Piggy” with her hands or feet. Hold the baby on the lap and uncurl the baby’s toes or fingers while you sing. Repeat the song couple of times till the baby start giggling. Simple repetitive songs or rhyming songs are great to enhance the memory skills of the baby. 3. If the baby is able to raise the head up when he/she is lying upon the tummy, you need to roll the brightly coloured ball across the line of the vision of the baby. This should be about 60 cm from the body of the baby. The baby will watch the ball and then try to stretch towards it to grab it. Some of the games are incredibly beneficial for the overall growth and development of the baby. They include catch me, chatterbox, bubble magic game. You can also try out puppet show, in and out, adventure playground and loads of other games for the healthy development of your baby.
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