Annie Oakley days...

United States
July 29, 2015 7:32am CST
...and how I almost didn't go. About an hours drive north is where they have Annie Oakley days, a festival in honor of Annie Oakley whose father died when she was young and so she took it upon herself to learn to hunt for her family. It was said she would shoot the head every time and that preserved the body meat, so the local store made a deal to purchase her game. But let's start at the beginning. I normally work until 5 on Sundays, but this Sunday I only worked until 11:30, which gave me time to go home change, and then leave. The reason I wanted to get there at 1 was because my niece's stepdaughter had the woman's lead in this melodrama. For those who don't know, I volunteer at my daughter's dog grooming shop and I was going to show a picture that showed our "Yorkie" day as well as other pictures I took, but it seems that is not possible. I tried both my browsers and another site, so it must be my computer. So, we got there late, but not too late that I did see my niece's stepdaughter performance and even got a couple pictures to share with my niece. After we got some food we took a bus tour around town to see various places like the statue of Annie, the museum, where Annie died and her grave site. I even got a picture of the Kitchenaide factory where all Kichenaide products are made. That was another reason I wanted to go, Kitchenaide (the store, not the factory) has a sidewalk sale during Annie Oakley days, Unfortunately we got there too late. If only I could upload photos, that would make this post more interesting..
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