Won't be hungry tonight

Commerce, Georgia
August 1, 2015 11:16pm CST
I was hungry last night because I didn't have anything I could eat. Today my daughter and son in law shopped and got lots and lots of fruit. Some was for the freezer and those will make smoothies. We go 4 bunches of babas, two big bag of axle intone oranges, 3 watermelons and apples, several kiwi and lots more. Plus they got me gate raise since my electrolytes are off. I got little entree meals that are just the right size for me. We got tilapia and Mahi Mahi fish which we love. I got my Popsicles and fudge sickles and lots more portioned controlled foods. If I eat one bite too much I will either get sick or aspirate into my lungs when I am asleep. I stay sick for days when that happens. Everyone got the foods they like. We don't eat the same things. So a meal isn't cooked very often. I'm so glad we got both freezers packed. I can't eat beef anymore. TVs developed an aversion to it. The taste and smell get to me now. I like chicken and fish now and cheese but I stay away from cheese do to fat content. I bet everyone eats different than we do. My illness has turned me against my once favorite food. Peanut butter makes me sick just to smell it now.
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@allknowing (70763)
• India
3 Aug 15
You sure seem contented and why not? All rolled into one. A good daughter and son-in-law and house stuffed with food. Oh boy!!
@allen0187 (34151)
• Philippines
2 Aug 15
It seems you are all set for the next couple of days. It is sweet of your daughter and SIL to look after you. Curious as to what your sickness is with all these prohibited food?