Daughter is my personal shopper

Commerce, Georgia
August 3, 2015 10:55am CST
I got paid on August 1st, and after all the bills were paid I wanted some desperately needed things of my own. Last month it was a comforter and pillowcases. I also got jersey sheets. Now this month I got under garments and three shirts that I can mix and match with pajamas I have. Next month I will probably get some shorts to match them to wear as Jammie's. You see, I'm mostly bed bound, so I can't get out to wear new clothes. This way I can be styling and profiling even when I am in bed or sitting up a few minutes. I can sit up about 20 to 30 minutes at a time and then I get trouble breathing and fall asleep. I'm not really sleepy, but I'm tired and can't hold my head up.
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@celticeagle (121017)
• Boise, Idaho
14 Aug 15
I get paid on the 3rd and we usually go grocery shopping soon after that. We go to Walmart cause I figure if I need other stuff it right there. I don't drive anymore so that is just convenient. They recently changes some of their products and their produce isn't as good. Oh well, it is mostly okay so I guess we are alright. Not many options now.
• United States
3 Aug 15
I knew you had some health issues, but I didn't know it had gotten this bad. Is your situation long term or temporary?