My Two Surgeries Last Year

Final X-ray after Foot Surgery
@bagarad (13094)
Paso Robles, California
August 5, 2015 1:34am CST
Since I've been out of touch with many of my old myLot friends I didn't see on other sites, I thought I'd post this health update. In 2014 I had two surgeries. The first was in April. It was a partial big toe joint replacement on my left foot. I had to stay completely off my feet for several weeks except to eat and use the restroom. I lived in my recliner and had to use a laptop. That's because I had to keep my foot elevated for the first few weeks. It was months before I could do any photo walks again. Then in December I had some of my cervical vertebrae fused. I thought it would require the longest recovery, but it was much easier than my foot surgery. A doctor had wanted me to have the surgery thirty years ago and almost scared me into it, but another doctor said it could wait, since I had no symptoms. I was just warned to stay away from risky activities. Had I had the surgery thirty years ago, it would have been a much bigger deal with a lot of time in the hospital for recovery. There have been so many advancements in surgical techniques since then that this was easier than getting a dental implant. They made a small incision in my neck and I got to go home the next day. I was allowed to go for long walks, but I couldn't ride in a car or drive (except to medical appointments) for two months. That was actually a blessing. I love to walk, but I had a good excuse not to go to all the meetings I don't enjoy. I could read and work at the computer all I wanted. I was almost sorry when all my restrictions were lifted. It is a wonderful feeling not to be afraid anymore that if I fall or get into an accident I could be paralyzed. For thirty years that fear was always in the background, since I had a bone spur very close to my spinal cord. Now that's fixed. It is wonderful to be able to relax again -- at least until the doctor decides it's time to replace my knee joint. Have you had any surgeries lately?
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