Are you a migraineur?

@celticeagle (120447)
Boise, Idaho
August 6, 2015 3:40pm CST
This is what they call people who get migraines. Did you know that females are three times more prone to get these and there are 36 million sufferers in the US. They are caused by too much sleep or too little caffeine, certain foods, and environmental factors. Migraines are far more crippling than a regular headache. They can cause nausea, and a harsh sensitivity to noise and light. There are several foods that can cause a migraine. These are: MSG, cheese, alcohol, caffeine and citrus fruits. My step brother got them and the trigger was too much salt. A dark and cool room and sleep are the only things that helped him. For some women after menopause they seem to have less of them. Barometric pressure, exposure to certain chemicals and smoke seem to be major triggers. Experts say you should keep a diary of the weather conditions, foods you've eaten recently, exposure to any chemicals, amount of caffeine consumed, sleep pattern and menstrual cycle when you get a migraine so you and the doctor can determine what might help to relieve the amount and severity of them. Do you get them? Know someone who does? I get fatigue headaches but rarely get any other wise.
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@Rosekitty (19438)
• San Marcos, Texas
7 Aug 15
My 2nd child was being born and they gave me a spinal which since i moved gave me headaches afterwards and so if i sleep a certain way or smell some smells i can get one..shame us women have to suffer more..