United States
August 7, 2015 7:59pm CST
I'm just curious.... Many of us on this site seem to speak more than one language.... So... what languages do you speak? Are you fluent in some of them or all of them? I speak English as my native language, and I also speak a little bit of Spanish.... I took Spanish classes in school, and I am very interested in Hispanic culture, art, language, and on and on..... Also... what country do you live in, and does your country require that you learn more than one language? I live in the U.S., and sadly, they only require that we learn one language.... not necessarily English, as we do not have a national language.... but I really wish that they required our students to learn multiple languages from a very early age, such as in elementary school.... What are your thoughts?
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@Porcospino (18396)
• Denmark
8 Aug 15
I live in Denmark and I speak Danish, English and Italian. I learned English, German and French at school. I am not very good at German and I have forgotten most the French words. I left high school 20 years ago and I haven't spoken or read French since that time. I speak Italian because I have lived in Italy in the past.
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@marguicha (101905)
• Chile
8 Oct 15
My native language is Spanish. I am quite fluen, but with an accent, in English. Besides that, I can read in French, Portuguese and in Italian with difficulty. I live in Chile and youngsters from the upper middle class are having to learn some English for technological reasons.
@Marcyaz (35606)
• United States
8 Aug 15
Well first off I only speak English fluently and I live in the US. I took some German in school but have retained very little of what I did know. I agree with you we should start other languages as early as possible and I have never understood why we don't here in the States. It would be so much easier to learn at a young age than when we are older.
@TearHere (63)
• Philippines
8 Aug 15
I live in Philippines, I am working in a BPO industry so I can speak English fluently, our native language here is Tagalog, when you look for a job here even out side BPO industry its like 80% of the interview is in English.
• Melbourne, Australia
8 Aug 15
I live in Australia and unfortunately only speak English. We have many different cultures here and many different languages. My children are grown and a long time out of school so not really sure what the schools are offering these days.