Are People Ever Really Bad?

Livonia, Michigan
August 8, 2015 3:50pm CST
Do you think people are ever really just bad? I mean yes, we see those people on the news robbing people for their money but usually it's people who grow up in a bad neighborhood and are dirt poor and may feel like the only way for them to survive is to kill and if you think about's kinda human nature to value your life over some strangers. Then you see people murdering people on the news over dumb things like fighting which obviously if they get that angry that they can't control themselves, they have a mental illness- which isn't necessarily their fault but should be controlled with medication. Are there ever just really bad and evil people from birth who's intention is to hurt someone?
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@3876745Ok (174)
• Guangzhou, China
9 Aug 15
If the bad guys in a good living environment, a good education,maybe they won't become a bad man
@allknowing (72887)
• India
9 Aug 15
That is why we are told not to judge anyone because we do not know why they do it. However, it is but natural not to like those who indulge in such acts.
@TLChimes (4842)
• United States
8 Aug 15
(side note: I live not to far from Redford, MI so I had to smile when I saw where you are from) I think you can be born with a tendency toward good or bad and life experience can send you in one direction or another. Example: Your father is a drunk, your mother is not. You have a 50/50 shot at becoming one yourself. If you grow up in his home, you are more likely to either NEVER touch a drink because of how he made seem to you, or become just like him because your mind thinks it is how it is supposed to be. You are less likely to be a some times drinker.
@phoonk (344)
• India
8 Aug 15
A very good discussion. No, people are not bad or evil since birth; but their upbringing, family, society, circumstances, situations and conscience do make them either good or bad My personal opinion.
@mealid (324)
• Kanpur, India
8 Aug 15
yup i think good and bad people are from his birth,as you can take my example i had spent most of time in few years ago with some bad people but now i m not like them,i gradually replaced them with some good people because i choose good things and i wants good life,so it is upto upon our choices,if we wants to become a good person we will definately become a good person,if not it will be vice-versa.