August 8, 2015 6:17pm CST
On this day 8/8 1996 We / I got married... Divorced 2005/6 - All amicable Marriage is about love & much more... but it's also about 2 people wanting to do what's best for a innocent child ... Especially when one of them is struggling with alcoholism & still is in some ways to this very day. ...Yup a sweet, loving, funny, soon to be 6 yr old little boy who is biologically mine but not biologically his.. To cut a long story short..... we go to court, people ask questions, dig deeply into my past, They want to know a name, he has to be found, apparently to give his permission..NOT FOUND !!......much later... ADOPTION goes through.... Any idiot can be a father...but it takes a real man to be a DAD... A man who not only takes on his partners child as his own but then goes on to adopt him... Thank you Andy for looking after us when nobody else did/would...
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@dawnald (84146)
• Shingle Springs, California
9 Aug 15
I suppose it's good they tried to find the bio father, but I bet it's really uncomfortable having your past dug into.