Zero Medical Help for the Hallucinations and Paranoia

By Lola
@Lolaze (3164)
United States
August 10, 2015 6:41pm CST
i spoke to the nurse practitioner I see today and I'm pretty sure she doesn't believe me about my hallucinations and thinks I'm making things up. She didn't want to do anything with my medications to try to alleviate the visual or auditory hallucinations! First she explains to me how they are caused by dopamine in my brain, then later says she believes they are totally situational. One or the other lady, choose one! She thinks I should have music on all the time so the auditory hallucinations don't bother me. Unfortunately, I can't always have earbuds in my ears. So frustrating! I went from the other nurse practitioner at the place - who wanted to overmedicate me and put me on Thorazine, to this lady who I think doesn't take me seriously. I can't win either way. Right now, getting a different doctor isn't feasible because I have to have one associated with the group therapy program. I guess all I can do is see how things keep playing out,
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• Regina, Saskatchewan
11 Aug 15
I found this: Please check it out. Maybe it will help....
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@GardenGerty (101890)
• United States
11 Aug 15
My first mother in law had a radio going in every room. I think she had tinnitus though. Earbuds in all the time can lead to infections, anyway. I see @sparkofinsanity has found something for you to read.
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