Breakfast or No Breakfast?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
August 13, 2015 9:13am CST
Breakfast plays a very important role in starting your day on a positive note, but most of us didn't realize the importance of it. Having just a little bit provides a lot of energy to your body. We give a lot of importance to what we are going to have for lunch and pay even more attention to our dinner but instead we should do the opposite. Most of us find it very boring to eat breakfast but a little creativity in preparing it can change the whole perspective.
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@fufurinha (11520)
• Portugal
13 Aug 15
I can not leave my house without having my breakfast first :)
@fufurinha (11520)
• Portugal
13 Aug 15
@Mavic123456 I always eat my yogurt with cereals :)
• Thailand
13 Aug 15
@fufurinha I eat whatever I have, Ieaving alone is really "instant" all the time. hahaha. I might have those also, it is just instant anyway, hmmm ok noted, wrote it on my grocery list already. check
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@dan2013 (12)
• Visakhapatnam, India
15 Aug 15
My breakfast is Herbalife Shake Very good We can stay active through out the day Have you tried?
@else34 (13606)
• New Delhi, India
14 Aug 15
I,for one,don't take breakfast.Lunch and dinner is more than enough for me.
@kataomoi (706)
• Japan
14 Aug 15
I try to eat breakfast everyday now because I have to bike to work and it takes all the energy in the world to do that. I used to skip breakfast, but I can't do that any more or I'll collapse.
@Marcyaz (35655)
• United States
13 Aug 15
I have something different to each for breakfast each morning, it will be bacon, eggs and toast or cereal and bread with peanut butter. I also will have something different on other days.
@Rosekitty (19441)
• San Marcos, Texas
13 Aug 15
I prefer breakfast to get my day going but am always ready for a sub sandwich for lunch!