Manual or Automatic transmisson car?

August 13, 2015 12:25pm CST
I keep on wondering whether you guys prefer manual or an automatic transmission. Well, as for me, I love driving a manual transmission car because I love the idea of shifting gears when I'm driving. I feel like a professional car racer. Most of us know that A/T car cost much than M/T car even if there model are the same. Manual requires less maintainance than automatic. In terms of driving, with automatic, when at stop lights you have to keep your foot on break pedal to keep it not moving otherwise your car start rolling forward. Well some of its advantage is that you don't have to usually use your hand for shifting gear unless needed when you drive on a zig-zags narrow uphill road. Automatic requires you only one foot for break and for gas (hands for the wheel) while manual requires your hands for shifting gear and your feet for break, clutch and gas.
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@FourWalls (16203)
• United States
13 Aug 15
When I was little standard transmissions were the "norm." Back then they called it "three on the tree" for the gear shift (and the now-common "four on the floor" was reserved for sports cars). I learned to shift gears when I was five, standing on the front seat between my parents. So, in 1981 when LITERALLY all I could afford was a standard transmission car I had no problem. I prefer sticks to automatic, but I have feet and back problems that keep me from holding the clutch in while in traffic.
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