There is no such thing as true contentment..

August 13, 2015 8:38pm CST
People say this a lot. I've been hearing this a lot from people around me lately. But is this really so? That we can never really say we are perfectly contented about anything? That we always have a new 'better' once we have the 'best'? A year ago, I was at a mall somewhere in Manila looking at a mobile phone on display in a store. This piece of technology caught my attention because of its simplicity and the features it has (at least thats what the little infobox beside says). So I told myself back then that once I get to buy that phone, I won't be buying a new one anymore, that I'll be using that device until it breaks on me. Fast-forward to today. I am writing this note using a mobile phone which I bought a year ago. Its simplicity and ease of use really made me like this phone a lot. It may be not in league with today's phones, but honestly speaking, I won't exchange this with any of the ones in trend today (I don't really like bulky devices anyway).Its really amusing to see how the trend on communications devices fluctuates. A few years back, mobile phones are all about being slim, compact and stylish. I was like, if you can hide it in your palm, that'd be uber cool! We even pity those people using mobile phones in the shape of a bar of soap. But now? It seems like its the complete opposite! Small and compact is out, large and bulky is in! I even see 'phones' in the size of a brick split in the middle vertically. See, it is true that we human beings fail in this piece of our lives. We are never contented. We never are. But for me? I'd say the same exact thing, plus this.. UNLESS we chose to. Someone can only be truly contented once he tells himself he is and truly lives on it. Its a tough call, with all those things (or people) practically better than the one we have. By the end of the day, contentment-wise, its just a matter of telling yourself if you are or you're not. Its that simple really. Its really a call to maturity once we are able to do just that. Contentment and youth almost never co-exist with each other. Oh well, life is like that. We get to choose how we live, how we act, how we think. But when it comes to being contented? All I can say is that contentment is an option. Contentment is indeed an option.
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@1wldngl (3991)
• United States
14 Aug 15
I am typing this on an old desktop that runs Windows Vista from when it was new. I'm saying that was probably about 2006 or 2007. I will continue to run it until I am forced to change it out. Much of the problem lies in technology companies making things that do not last so we are forced to buy new.
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