How do I feel about myLot?

Bucharest, Romania
August 14, 2015 5:14am CST
Someone specifically asked me to share my opinion about this site and I am going to do it. There are some advantages and there are some disadvantages as well. Advantages: 1. The have many buttons: edit, delete, suggest, report, etc 2. The bank balance is always visible in the top left corner 3. They offer the possibility of PM (Private Messaging) 4. The menu in the left bar is pretty complex and cool looking 5. The community is nice and generally responds pretty quick Disadvantages: 1. Google Ads are displayed kinda too much. I think that they should be a little smaller 2. We have no "save to draft" button 3. Not all users have the PM button (does anyone know why?!) 4. When displaying the notification list they don't tell us how many minutes ago it was done but it only tells us "new" and "sent today" or something like that
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@PhredWreck (6051)
14 Aug 15
I can tell you about the PM button. In settings, you can adjust who can send you PM messages, and one of the choices is no one can send them to you.
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@topffer (36106)
• Svalbard And Jan Mayen
14 Aug 15
SGT responded to Disadvantage 3, I will respond to 4. The time when the interaction that activated a notification was done appears in grey at the end of each notification on the web interface, and the exact myLot time when it is an email notification (it would have no signification to speak of minutes and hours in an email).