Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Ashdod, Israel
August 16, 2015 10:35am CST
How do settle this conflict? I think that the Palestinian should go to their countries and leave the Israeli people alone.
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@rachael5760 (2720)
• Israel
16 Aug 15
I think that you are right. In the end, there is no "nationality" of palestinian, The Jews, who a big part live in Israel, have been a people for over 3000 years. If you look at the history, the PLO was only established in 1965, The leadership of the PLO, Fatah, are all terrorists, and have Jewish blood on their hands. The arabs who were in Israel in 1948 were told by their leadership to flee their homes, and they did. They didn't have an attachment to the Land of Israel. They all speak Arabic, and are part of the Arab nation, and can live in any one of the 22 Arab nations. The Jews only have one very small piece of land, smaller than the state of New Jersey in the United States. I'm sure that if the world really wanted to settle the conflict, they could find a small piece of land the size of New Jersey somewhere. The Desert of Saudi Arabia, Kick out Islamic State and give them the beautiful land there. . . .
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• United States
16 Aug 15
This, from a Christian view...... The history of this conflict goes back more than just 1965. Look at the Torah, the seeds of this is there. The twins, Jacob and Esau, when Joshua went into the promise land and did not kill every single person like he was told to do. Ishmeal, blessed with a nation, but yet everybody else would be against him. The land of Israel was way bigger than it is now, but the Jews kept giving land in lieu of peace that will never be. This conflict is thousands of years old. God gave the land to Israel, the Jews did not "take" the land, there's no changing that.... if only the Arabs would just understand that.
@Boonie1 (431)
• Ashdod, Israel
16 Aug 15
@MaddiOashi I don't think they care about the Thora, and honestly most Jews don't go back to the origin of it either. that is the start, but the story is different for modern day Bottom line for the modern conflict , is the Palestinians got the bad end of the deal. no way to deny that.why? because their leadership was bad. the leadership for Jews in Israel offered them a vast majority of the land(about 66% or so?) because back then, they were the vast majority. it was a logical way to devise it. Jews were not happy to give away so much of the land, but they accepted it, since they live there too and can't be banished. the western world accepted it. sadly, the Palestinian leadership did not. they didn't want 66% of the land, they wanted 100% and for us to flee/die. I don't blame the people of course, they are victims to the ignorance of their own chosen leaders .anyway, after they declined they started a war, which they have lost. if we skip ahead a bit, Israel took a lot of land during those years, in countless wars we were forced in to by a group of people that wanted to banish us while we wanted to co exist( if you actually check facts, you can see we always offered them lands which they usually refuse, because they price for the land was peace) now, part of the lands that we took over during the wars we gave them back in hope that they will accept and stop fighting. some we did not and now live in. at this point in time, Jews became the majority in Israel, and the Palestinian are now completely cast aside. all they want is their home back, but that cannot happen now since they are not willing to meet our terms and we aren't meeting their terms(that for the first time in over 60 years, is not to be "gone. hopefully die and give us every single piece of the land because we want it". how can you possibly meet that term?? ) anyway, now its too late for them to wake up.there is no longer a possibility to divide the country the way they want it to I truly feel sad for them, but they kind of brought it on themselves, and sadly the leadership in Israel is now so bad that we might bring our own doom upon ourselves like them very soon. anyway that was my rant, sorry for the lenght