Why to pass on the PS3

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November 23, 2006 5:29pm CST
Despite the PS3 having the greatest graphics of all time, there are still plenty of reasons you should hold off. Sony will sell tons of these consoles, but here are 5 reasons why you should hold off… 1. Price Are you really ready to dish out around $600 for the console, plus the $60 games? And that’s if you manage to buy one in a Best Buy (which will be close to impossibles). If I were you i would wait at least a few months, where you may be able to save some money getting a used console. 2. The best games will come out next year Although there are a few good launch titles this year, most aren’t amazing. You’ve got Call of Duty 3 and a few others but it won’t be a wowing selection. If you wait till next year, you’ll get some great games including… Grand Theft Auto IV Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Final Fantasy XIII Here’s a hint, don’t start dishing out tons of money until about a year. Most developers need to realize the PS3’s true capabilities before they start creating. 3. You could run across a bug Looking at Sony’s history, the first batch of PS3’s could have some bugs. Sony has had problems with the PS3 and the Blu-ray drive inside. Plus, The first batch of PS2’s had trouble with their optical drives. Knowing Sony’s history, and knowing the fact that the PS3 will be much more technical and complex then the PS2, I would hold off a while until all the kinks are worked out. This way your PS3 will have a greater chance of surviving and lasting longer. 4. You’ll need HDTV to get the experience Unless you’ve got HDTV, your gaming experience won’t be as good as you thought. Without a high def. TV your going to realize that the games are going to feel like PS2 games but a notch higher. If I were you, I would wait around half a year because the prices on the HDTV’s are going to drop like crazy. 5. Good luck getting one Only 400,000 consoles are going to be shipped to the US. Although that’s a huge number, the hardcore gamers are going to gobble them up. It’s going to be virtually impossible to get one unless you’ve got a pre-order. Don’t think that you’re going to get any deal on eBay either. Every person who’s selling the PS3’s on eBay are thinking the same thing… “how much money can i suck out of these noobs.” Wait a year where you can casually walk into a store and pick one up.
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