i want meet the " FRIEND" stars

@ACETY5 (174)
Guangzhou, China
August 17, 2015 10:30pm CST
after i watch the "FRIENDS " of American soap. i am carzy of actors,, they are funny with exaggerate act.haha, and kind of interested of they are living without parents.. got the colorful and intersted live,, what a dream !!! anyway , i would like to meet the actors in that soap, it feel interested.haha
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• United States
18 Aug 15
I totally agree!! I love Friends and have been watching it for years. Are you saying you want to meet the characters in the show, or the actors and actresses that play them? I think both would be amazing! Of course, this show was made in the 1990's, so they would all be a little bit older by now, but it would still be cool!
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@ACETY5 (174)
• Guangzhou, China
19 Aug 15
yeah , i want meet the actors and actresses in real life. they are so funny , haha . no matter how old are they, they are lovly and i want to meet. PS: i never meet a star in live, cause i am not carzy fan on that. thanks , maybe we could meet some day
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