He claims I'm allergic to my animals

@ricki_911 (19271)
Toronto, Ontario
August 18, 2015 5:56pm CST
I went to my doctor today, and really I don't know why I bother even going. I hav had amthma for years now, and never had an issue (the odd flare up). This year has been rather weird weather wise, the last month or so has been rather humid and hot which triggers it. I went today, and really it almost sounds like he treats me like a child. I have seasonal allergies, but wont pay the $200 to get tested. My brother got tested was told he was allergic to smoke (he smokes), cats and dogs (he has both), and a wide selection of other things. My doctor just jumped in and said do you have animals, cats specifically. I have had the cats over 6 years with no issues, no way in 2 months would it arise (or only when its hot or humid outside). He kept repeating for me to get rid of my animals, which wont be happening.
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