The part that I hate: delegation!

August 19, 2015 2:00am CST
I mentioned before that I don't like travelling at all. I am more comfortable in my own small town. I rarely go on vacation, and this is one of the reasons: I don't like to travel at all. Now, because of my job, I have to go away for 6 days. Most probably, I won't be able to be online, because I will not have time and I don't know if myLot works on a tablet. Will see what is going to happen! Do you like travelling? Do you travel because of your job?
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@Boonie1 (431)
• Ashdod, Israel
19 Aug 15
I think it should work on a tablet, some people use in on their phones. I actually like traveling, never had to travel for work but it can be a nice change
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24 Aug 15
I love traveling! But I like to go where I wnat to go, not travel for work.
@marguicha (103713)
• Chile
21 Aug 15
As you know, I love to travel. But I have never traveled in a job so I suppose it must be very different. Maybe what would help is to learn something about the place where they send you. That is easy to do online now. And then, after work, you can go sightseeing. When my husband went of tours went he played soccer, he had some time off. With a couple of closer chums they rented a cab and went to visit. I still have a wooden bead necklace from Romania when the club played there
@Porcospino (18592)
• Denmark
19 Aug 15
I love travelling, but I have never had a job where I had to travel. I would like swap places with you No seriously, I wouldn't mind a job where I had to travel, but most of my jobs have been health care jobs or jobs in homes for people with special needs and that doesn't involve travelling.
@Butchcass4 (6019)
• United States
19 Aug 15
I am with you on the traveling out of my small home town. I despise city traffic. It creates a lot of anxiety and you have those drivers out there who know nothing of the speed limit nor do they obey it. God forbid if you do the speed limit especially on a one way road they like to ride your bumper and pass on double lines putting everyone at risk. I say yes to staying home and bypassing the city driving.
• Bucharest, Romania
19 Aug 15
I don't like it either but if I have to do it then I do it
@sofssu (14552)
19 Aug 15
I have had to travel so often on work.. This was one of the reasons for me to quit my job.. The idea of leaving the kids alone was not a great option for me... My husband also works late and travels a lot.. that didn't make sense to me.
@jstory07 (71092)
• Roseburg, Oregon
19 Aug 15
Have a good trip and a good business trip.