August 20, 2015 1:43am CST
15 August 2015 SURPRISED! New job and new people do change my life. There’s a reason for everything why it happened. New job, blessed to have one, a wonderful gift from God. New people, glad to meet and knew them. It’s not easy to deal new people in a month; it really needs a thorough observation to feel and to deal a certain person. This time I felt strange to someone / new person I met in my workplace and we work each other in a month. Ssssh! I felt good when we’re talking and working each other. Aside from thinking about it, I just felt this strange feeling and a spark in him. Why should I make this hard when I felt something easy ways with him? One day, he asked me to go somewhere“gala-gala” and brought me to a special place called church. Ooh! This made me think that he is the one lol. I was hugely surprised. I was never expecting it to happen in my whole life. I was just wondering why he brought me to that place when there are a lot of places to go on that time. For that, no doubt to answer yes. Fortunately, we are on our 3 months and counting the comfortable relationship together. It was just too early to felt like this but surely I do believe in surprises that God gave me. He knows what my heart desires, he won’t fail me. Prayers do work. Furthermore, we were happy doing nothing like sitting beside each other, playing mobile games and talking non-sense to each other. Truly, we enjoy doing simple things. So, I say to you guys, that when you felt comfortable and love to someone, love him in your own simple way because simplicity is beautiful everywhere. Observe and feel the moments that made you neither happy nor sad. Try to ask yourself, Am I comfortable with him? If yes, then do cherish and taste the moments you shared with all your complete you. Presently, I enjoy loving my boyfriend. I highly believe that when you both believe that there is forever, then you work for it to really make it forever together. #hopefully…FJRR
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