Avoid Becoming Friends With Your Boss

By Lola
@Lolaze (3164)
United States
August 23, 2015 2:28pm CST
Becoming friends with your boss will only lead to trouble. You'll get used and then kicked to the curb when you are no longer useful to them. This happened to me in a previous job. I became friends with my boss after a coworker started inviting her to happy hour with us. About 6 months later we got a whole new reading program for the school district. I ended up helping catalog and organize it. I spent so many hours helping, I lost count. During that time, my boss's job was in jeopardy, I was there for moral support for her and helped her plan out how to keep her job. A few months later, when I was suffering from serious depression, I got kicked to the curb as fast as could be. Being friends with your boss is only going to get you used.
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• United States
24 Aug 15
i never made friends with people from work.it sounds mean,but there's too many people who would take advantage.self-preservation.
@tiffnkeat (1679)
• Singapore
24 Aug 15
Mmmm...put yourself in the shoes of your boss. Would you want your subordinates to consider you a friend or not? Or you want to be known as a no-nonsense task-oriented unfeeling stranger to them? Every relationship requires trust on both sides. In your case, your boss might have used or abused it, but I am sure if you were the boss, you would think of yourself as the complete opposite of your current boss. Bottomline: Do not generalise.
@excellence7 (3477)
• Mauritius
24 Aug 15
I always say that at work, no one is our friend. They are all our colleagues and we must always know our limits.
@jstory07 (68169)
• Roseburg, Oregon
23 Aug 15
Keep your relation as a business matter only when it comes to your boss.