Wine tour was so much fun!!

@ricki_911 (19854)
Toronto, Ontario
August 23, 2015 8:48pm CST
We went on Saturday for the wine tour which was about $7.50 a person which is a decent price. We stopped in town for breakfast. This place has been around for years, and I have never been to it before. I had a plate of eggs, toast, bacon, and juice for $7.60. The tour started at 11am, and we got there just before. We took a few pictures, before they took a group of us around the property to see the vines, and how it is made. We had a few samples of wine I believe 6, and a truffle, later with cheese and crackers. It was nice to get out and a couple of them don't get out much so they had fun. The wine tour I did a few months ago was nicer, but it was overall nice to get out and have fun together. We were gone not even 2 hours and the shelter kept calling us. I cant believe we cant even go out for a few hours which is what frustrates me. We a;; volunteer there, and wanted a day away.
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