Boxers who are pursing Phd...time to ditch falso nerd jock dichotomy

@Subzzz (37)
August 24, 2015 1:55am CST
Few days back i was writing about men who were both good at sports and academics. I was surprised to see so many boxers are very intelligent individuals and some of them are actually achieved excellence in studies. Things are no different for other sports disciplines also. Niels Bohr was a footballer, Noel baker was a great student , olympic medal winner and a Nobel laureate. My bro also practice boxing and during his competition i met a guy ( heavy weight contestant) who is pursuing doctorate from a elite level science Institution. I think we should discard this false conception of athletes can not be a good scholar. Time to wake up and no excuse for doing bad in either field or in study room. What do people think about it?.
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