Soooo tired

Salt Lake City, Utah
August 27, 2015 10:49am CST
Wel as you know we are in a hotel room for a little while until we can get the house. Last night was horrible I didn't get any sleep. I was puking all night. Why, I don't know. Then when I finally stopped and was about to fall asleep at like 4 in the morning the guy in the next room started yelling his head off. He was yelling at his wife I think and he was yelling until my hubby went to work this morning. He is always yelling at her every day! So I am exhausted today.
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28 Aug 15
That must stink to have to listen to yelling every day and not having your own space for peace and quiet. I hope you can find somewhere else to live soon or I hope the neighbors find somewhere else for your sanity.
@sharon6345 (142531)
• United States
27 Aug 15
There is always the option of moving to a new room or hotel. I lived in a hotel for months. I moved from one to the other till I got the right fit.
@yukimori (9092)
• United States
27 Aug 15
Can't you call the front desk and complain about the noise? You're paying for a place to spend the night, and the yelling is ruining your peace and quiet. They should be able to follow up with the room and/or call the police to come out and deal with it if necessary.