So many people who submit these articles that appear on the Internet are hateful and judgemental!

@flpoolbum (2934)
United States
August 29, 2015 4:47am CST
We see these little "items" below our MyLot posts or elsewhere on the Internet. They have titles like, "10 Celebration who have ugly spouses" or "9 actors on television that can't act!" I'll admit that I've occasionally made comments like "He's a terrible actor." but never put together a collection with pictures. That is so hurtful. Unfortunately, they are many people who love to see other people get put down or insulted. I only looked at the one about actors because I didn't think that the actor pictured in the icon for the article was a bad actor. In my opinion, most of the actors, that I'm familiar with aren't bad actors. As for the person who compiled the one about celebrities who have ugly spouses should look in a mirror! The company that puts these together and posts them should be ashamed of themselves but hateful crap like that gets a lot of traffic.
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