I Really A Help In Investment Project

November 23, 2006 6:56pm CST
From Mrs. Margaret Mallen Garang, Attn: Friends Compliment of the day,I would have written you earlier than now but I was seriously down and had appointment with my doctors over my high blood pressure and diabetes which keep weighing me down coupled with my right leg seriously scattered due to bullet shots by the rebels which kept me totally handicapped at my age of 50yrs. I had this ugly experience since my husband was assassinated by the heartless rebels during the war in my country {Sudan}some years ago and the rebels entered my house and killed my husband at the spot and gave me a bullet shots on my right leg which my doctors are suggesting amputating if not handled by a specialist doctor. I am grieved and tears in my eyes as I am explaining this to you for your understanding. The caused of his death, My late husband,Lieutenant Colonel John Garang,was sent to quell a mutiny in Bor of 500 southern troops who were resisting orders to be rotated to the north. Instead of ending the mutiny,he encouraged mutinies in other garrisons and set himself at the head of the rebellion against the Khartoum government because of his popularity in Sudanese People's Liberation Movement (SPLM. Well, I thank God they did not take my life and the lives of my children sametime. My late husband made a lot of money from the Khartoum government, which he strictly handed over to an Accredited Fudiciary Agent in Europe for safe keeping,I now want to invest part of it in your country, as I am not strong enough at the moment and my children are still young and were schooling before this tragic situation that poised between hope and disaster in my family. Base on the reasons above,I would like to apply through this medium for your co-operation and to secure an opportunity to invest and do joint business with you and my family in your country. If you can handle long time business investment jointly with us. I honorably intend to invest in your country into a very lucrative business venture of which you are to advise and execute the said venture over there for the mutual benefits of both of us. Your able co-operation is to become my business partner in your country and create ideas on how money will be invested, properly managed and the type of investment after the money is transferred to your account with your assistance. Meanwhile, on indication of your willingness to handle this transaction sincerely by protecting our interests and upon your acceptance of this proposal, I would furnish you with the full detailed information,procedure and amount involve. I shall be glad to reserve this respect and opportunity for you, if you so desire, but do urge you to give the matter your immediate attention it deserves. Pls. incase you are not in position to assist,kindly notify us so that we can make another alternative arrangement. You can send reply to my email here: mrs_mallen@yahoo.com Looking forward to your response. Yours Faithfully, Mrs Margaret Mallen Garang.
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