It's Back Again....

@celticeagle (121154)
Boise, Idaho
August 29, 2015 8:14pm CST
and I sure don't like it I live with my daughter and grandson since she begged me to come back and help her raise her son back in 2009. I did have me a nice one bedroom apartment and was doing pretty good for myself. My car was running then and so I could get around and did get out and do some things. So, when my daughter is in her more depressed and normal phase she and I are very close and get along great. Then, about every three months or so, when she goes manic she is very narcissistic and self involved. She and I become just the opposite of what it was before. Her son is no longer her first priority. I worry and fret and ask her questions just trying to get a handle on what to expect, what's happening, if Josh is going to get his needs met. This time her boyfriend comes upstairs and tells she is upset and I go down to talk to her. She lays into me with all fours. When this happens it always hurts me so much because we were so close. I feel so needy right now. All my friends have moved away and I am alone which gives me way too much time to think.
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@yukimori (9156)
• United States
30 Aug 15
Is she taking any steps to regulate her swings? I'd honestly move out on my own if she wasn't.
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@celticeagle (121154)
• Boise, Idaho
30 Aug 15
She is on medication and whenever they do any changes she has a manic phase.