The Game Goes on Forever

@FourWalls (16257)
United States
August 30, 2015 12:29am CST
It's about 1:15 a.m. here on Sunday morning, and I'm waiting for a high school football game to end so I can see SportsCenter on ESPN. It's amazing how people who whine about how "long" a game with no clock on it, baseball, runs (about three hours in length, barring extra innings) but say nothing about a game that is TIMED at 60 minutes running three and a half HOURS in actual length. This game apparently came on at 9 PM eastern time (I'm going by the TV Guide grid, I was at a concert), nearly FOUR and a half hours ago. Then there are college basketball games. I remember that great Duke/UNLV game in 1991: we had a 15-minute break at work (I worked nights at the time), so we ran to the break room to watch the last two minutes of the game (where Duke eventually knocked off previously unbeaten UNLV). In fifteen minutes they couldn't get 120 seconds to tick off the game clock. I guess people enjoy the fact that they're getting a lot of entertainment for their money. It's funny, however, that nobody thinks about that when it comes to baseball. Announcers (the people being paid to cover the games) seeminly want a return to the days of the 1930's when games were an hour and a half long.
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